About Delta Telekom ,
Delta Telekom is a prestigous company which has started to play big roles in international communication arena.
Delta Telekom offers high quality services which can feed the responses and fulfill the prospects of companies in GSM sector from A to Z.
The main aim of Delta Telekom is to assist GSM operators for integration with continually growing technological trends and work more efficiently by providing globally qualified services.
At the same time, Delta Telekom serves the subject about application of new Technologies to customers with its experienced and educated team. And this makes its customers also priviledged in their market.
Delta Telekom has proven that it is a prestigious, effective company and has a powerful organization among all GSM companies by means of its references, successfully completed projects, strong organization and management.
Moreover, Delta Telekom is a center which provides all kinds of services that you might need in communication sector with its variety of technical equipments, service policy, physical and social capabilities.
Delta Telekom is continually growing with both national and international cooperations.

Responsibility / Accountability :

Accountability requires accounting for our responsibilities, but also involves calling the related parties to account for their undertaken liabilities. Thus; each and every colleague of Delta Telekom is always held responsible for other people’s actions as well.

Team Work:

Delta Telekom is mobilizing and constituting its project based organizations, in a short time, by considering the rapid environmental change and customer requirements and establishing team-based structures.


Continuously developing and changing technologies is always followed up by Delta Telekom and it is a must to inform all the staff about this innovations by means of seminars, trainings, briefings etc... for reaching the target to improve on technical and administrational abilities.

Customer Focus:

All kinds company actions are done with the idea of contributing to customer satisfaction directly or indirectly.

Company Policy

Delta Telekom 's policy to conduct its operations in accordance with the highest business ethical considerations, to comply with the laws of the countries in which Delta Telekom operates. This policy applies to all units of Delta Telekom and to all staff regardless of function, grade or standing.

 Delta Telekom’s commitment is to determine the customer demand and to provide customer satisfaction.

 In all relationships with customers, Delta Telekom commits all staff responsibilities as institutional.

 All Company activities contribute to costumer satisfaction, direclt or indirectly related to the customers.

 Each and every staff has a responsibility for improving customer satisfaction. The Company supports its staff through this goal.

 Periodically, Delta Telekom organizes and updates its processes to work more efficiently.

 Internal customer satisfaction audits are performed routinely and according to completed auditing, recruitment and future actions are determined.

Social Responsibilities

 Beyond obeying the laws and legal arrangement, Delta Telekom is committed to respect the human rights, ensuring reliable working environment and also safeguarding the latitude of thought.

 Delta Telekom “never” discriminates any staff or partners in none of its projects. Delta Telekom also encourages its suppliers and contractors to carry out the same principles.

 Moreover, Delta Telekom gives great importance to work respectfully to the environment and respects the rights of the next generations in the environment; thus Delta trains its staff through this direction, as well.

Our Mission

Obtaining customer satisfaction and assurance, and providing appropriate conditions for employees to use and develop their technical background and whole potential voluntarily in both personal and organizational levels, by accomplishing our services in telecommunication sector of good quality and within the required time, conforming with the international standards.

Our Vision

With increasing the current share in world market, holding a place among the internationally well-known telecommunication firms.

Delta Telekom's vision is “to be recognized as an advanced telecommunication service and solution provider and a preferred strategic partner for dominant players in international market.