Installation Solutions

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    Installation Solutions

    Indoor Installations

    BTS installation

    Indoor horizontal and vertical cable tray supply and installations

    Battery Backup installation

    Indoor Equipment grounding supplying and installation

    Outdoor Installations

    GSM antenna installation

    MiniLink antenna installation

    Supply and Installation of Outdoor horizontal and vertical cable trays

    Cable protection sheet production and installation

    Outdoor equipment installation

    Production and installation of DC fan, Filter, energy entrance and wall apparatus

    Link Installations

    Installation of cable ways

    Determination of cable ways & Cable Installation

    Installation of MW Equipment

    Testing & Commissioning of links

    Test , On Air , Commissioning

    Testing GSM stations after installation and integration of these stations to GSM network

    ● BSC

    ● MSC

    ● HLR

    ● VLR

    Factory and installation tests and integration to GSM network of PSTN stations. Transmission tests of the GSM stations before integration to GSM network

    ● HDSL Test

    ● Mini-link Test

    Testing and commissioning base stations.